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We use only the best products and proven practices in our cleaning services. Whether it's carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, or one of our other services, you can be assured that we won't cut corners when we clean at your home or business.

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We have been serving the Bloomington-Normal area with great cleaning services since 2009. When you call us, you will talk directly with the owner, as we want to ensure that your expectations are met or exceeded! 

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We put great value on honesty and treating others as you would like to be treated. Rest assured that your job will be handled just as we would expect someone else to take care of us. We trust that you will be happy with your experience. 

Is your family's health at risk?

Getting your carpet clean will make it "look" good, but the Environmental Protection Agency warns that a dirty carpet retains hidden pollutants that you may not know about like:

  1. pet dander
  2. cockroach allergens
  3. lead
  4. particle pollution
  5. dead skin cells
  6. hair
  7. clothing fibers
  8. pesticide residue
  9. cement or paint particles

Walking on the carpet crushes the pollutants deep into carpet fibers which makes them unreachable by vacuums and often overlooked by professional cleaners.  If left untreated, the small particles attract Dust Mites which are microscopic bugs that leave behind daily waste and feces of up to 200 times their body weight.  Even though the original pollutants are embedded tight in the fibers of your carpet, body parts and "left overs" from the dust mites can easily be inhaled when the area is disturbed.

A carpet that is meant to be a comfortable place to lay down with a blanket and pillow to watch a movie, or where a baby learns to walk or crawl is often instead a source of hidden "creepy crawlies" and unsuspecting ailments.  Without getting rid of these common critters AND their "left overs" you may be leaving your family subject to airborne illness, skin irritations and sinus irritations that contribute to sneezing, snoring and asthma.  Plus you'll have a carpet that seems to never get clean.

But you can have a clean, comfortable carpet that looks like new, smells great, is easy to maintain and is safe…

  • The first step is to make sure and vacuum your carpet at least once a week before the pollutants have a chance to embed in your carpet.   If kids or pets are present in the house then carpeted areas may need to be tended to multiple times a week.  To prevent rapid dirt accumulation, have house guests remove shoes before entering the home.
  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to eliminate putting unnecessary allergens and pollutants into the air.
  • Vacuuming will never get everything so it takes a skilled technician and a powerful cleaning machine to purposely kill microscopic, un-welcomed guests without damaging your carpet.  Our skilled technicians are trained for this and we use the top of the line cleaning machines specifically for this reason.  You can be ensured that we will remove deep rooted dirt, pollutants, allergens, dust mites and their by-products.  Your carpets will get a care they require so you can breathe better and so you and your family can enjoy the comfort of a carpet that both looks like new and is safe.


The Restoring Touch provides carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and much more to many homes and businesses in Bloomington-Normal and the surrounding areas. Contact us today and let us help make your home or business a healthier, more beautiful place!

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